N95 clone is laser-equipped

Remember that something cheap doesn't necessarily mean it is good. Take this N95 for example - while it bears the same name as Nokia's high end multimedia handset, it doesn't offer the same range of functions. What you get is a rather impotent 2 megapixel instead of 5, while GPS navigation has strangely gone missing. This cloned N95 also ships with a 3" 260k color QVGA touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in FM tuner, and a microSD memory card slot, all available to the tune of $160 per handset. The main standout feature that the real N95 doesn't even have is the laser pointer - great for business presentations, but not too good on the image you're projecting. C'mon, buying a cloned phone?

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Samsung P318+ Phone - 18k Gold Edition

In honor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Samsung has rolled out the P318+, a special edition of their P310. Users will get the bonus of Olympic Games ringtones, wallpapers, and video clips… sorry folks, athletic talent is not included. But as a consolation prize, the phone’s brushed metal exterior has gotten an 18k gold upgrade. No word on pricing so far. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Apple iPhone vs. SimulScribe - SimulScribe Wins

Apple iPhone commercial parody about the SimulScribe. FYI, the SimulScribe is the only visual voice mail in the market today that allows voice mail be converted into text

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iCast the clearest band spell

The iCast from iStuff is an FM transmitter that will automatically scan for the clearest band before transmitting audio in that direction, ensuring you have the best sound quality possible at all times. A single AAA battery offers up to 18 hours of power, making it one truly portable device. If you plan on using this in your vehicle, there is a 12V cigarette lighter socket adapter to suit your needs. The best part is, the iCase comes with a standard headphone plug that makes it compatible with not only the iPod but other MP3 and PMPs as well. Features include four presets, an LCD display, and an automatic shutdown function. Pre-order yours today for £29.99 a pop.

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Freedom Mini Duo Bluetooth keyboard

The Freedom Mini Duo Bluetooth keyboard is for those who tend to do a whole lot more than make and receive calls on their smartphones. It folds into half, being slightly larger than a credit card despite housing the full QWERTY keyboard in a standard layout. It hooks up to your smartphone or PDA via Bluetooth, but should it run out of battery, you can always obtain some power by hijacking your smartphone/PDA's battery via a miniUSB port. A full charge provide up to 9 hours of continuous typing at best. While you won't get a full-sized keyboard's comfort, at least it sure beats tapping out those messages on the on-screen keyboard. The Freedom Mini Duo Bluetooth keyboard retails for approximately $100 each.

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